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Selected works:

(a situation for) inner cinema, 2015
5.1 surround sound in darkness
1 hour 16 minutes

Rings & Divisions – On Saturn’s Edge, 2014 – 2016
Kino #103, 107 Projects, 8 February 2016
Is This Art? – Spectrum Now Festival presented by dLux Media Arts, Create or Die! Gallery, 10 March 2016
MAPSPACE – Blue Mountains Cultural Centre, 12 March – 24 April, 2016
Screened in concert at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music & exhibited at Gallery 2010 curated by the Spacebears Collective, 2014
‘BLACKMODULAR (first edition)’ curated by David Haines and Joyce Hinterding, presented by Modern Art Projects, 2014

ON ON ON ON, 2015 by Laura Hunt & Nikki Walkerden
Island Salon, Underbelly Arts Festival 2015
1-2 August, Cockatoo Island

HOLE, 2015
Solo exhibition
Graduate School Gallery, Sydney College of the Arts, The University of Sydney
Wednesday 15 April – Saturday 2 May 2015

The Forever Equation, 2015 by Tanja Bruckner & Nikki Walkerden
Mountain Folk: A Geometric View, 7 Feb – 1 March, 2015
Everglades Gallery, Everglades House & Gardens

CLIMACTIC ACTUALITY, 2014 by Nikki Walkerden, Sound by Shaun Hay
Winner – Best Climbing Film, 1st Vertical Film Festival 2014
Variable Concepts, Feb 4-21, 2015
Trocadero Art Space, Melbourne

Three Moons (a dream), 2014
Interactive sketch, processing

Psychologia Psukhe – The Diamond Star, 2014 by Archive Out of Order
Winner – Revel8 Director’s Choice 2014
AOOO = Tanja Bruckner + Nikki Walkerden

Undefined Definition II, 2014
Official selection:
Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2014, Experimental Showcase
The Silver Screen exhibition, The Corner Co-operative (Sydney)
Production stills.

What’s left is in the lens, 2014
Performance documentation & site specific installation
Exhibition: Interregnum curated by Lizzy Marshall for Modern Art Projects

808 (TECHNOSELF),  2013 by Archive Out of Order
Winner – Revel8 Award for Best Super 8 Cinematography, Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2013
AOOO = Tanja Bruckner + Nikki Walkerden

CAN YOU SEE THE LAW, 2013 collaboration with Ion Pearce
Performance documentation – photography.

LIFEFORCE AURORA, 2013 collaboration by Tanja Bruckner & Nikki Walkerden
Exhibited at Leichhardt City Council as part of the Footprints Film Festival, 2013

Z, 2012 by Nikki Walkerden, Daniel Fernandes, Alex Rasa.
Video excerpt.

Striking Contrasts (2014-2015), curated by Geoffrey Weary in association with dLux Media Arts, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and toured by Museums & Galleries NSW.
Official selection:
Proto-Cinema: Redefined installation (Seen & Heard Film Festival, ACMI), Byron Bay International Film Festival, Another Experiment by Women Film Festival (NYC), Haverhill Experimental Film Festival, The Land Down Underground (NYC), Revelation International Film Festival (AU), Sydney Underground Film Festival, Brisbane Underground Film Festival, Del Corazon Film Festival, State of Flux exhibition (Delmar Gallery), Exquisite Mutations (Annandale Galleries).

X, 2012
Recently toured to represent Australia with dLux Media Arts in Over View International Travelling Film Project

OVER VIEW – International Travelling Film Project


UNSW Galleries | 06-11-’15/07-11-’15 | Sydney, Australia

Museu da Imagem e do Som | 29-10-’15 | São Paulo, Brazil

Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture | 23-10-’15/25-10-’15 | San Francisco, USA

Workshop: Mujer – Sociedad | 10-06-’15 | San José, Costa Rica

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo | 13-05-’15/11-06-’15 | San José, Costa Rica

Asian Experimental Video Festival | 05-05-’15/10-05-’15 | Hong Kong, China

Art Cinema Zawya | 15-01-’15/16-01-’15 | Cairo, Egypt

SOMArts Cultural Center | 18-09-’14/18-10-’14 | San Francisco, USA

Cultureel terras de Kaaij | 24-08-’14/13-09-’14 | Nijmegen, The Netherlands


My Little Tornado, 2012
Featuring Grace Rouvray and Ryan Madden.
Production stills.

The Gallery, 2012
Featuring Ryan McGoldrick and Katie Lees.
Video excerpt + production stills
Exhibition: 2013 MCA Staff Show- Interplay

The Line, 2012
Video documentation, cine-poem.

Balancing Act on Gornergrat, 2011
Performance documentation – photography +  footage featured in 2014 work – CLIMACTIC ACTUALITY.

Body as landscape, revolting against, 2010
Textile + painting work on linen including text.
Shown in: Qualia – the subjective qualities of conscious experience, Mils Gallery, 2010
Show us your politics, Kudos Gallery, 2010 curated by Camilla Tulley.

Kasia and Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010
Featuring performances by Katie Lees + Nikki Walkerden – photography documentation.
Shown in Don’t Tell Nanna… at Horus & Deloris contemporary art space, Sydney, 2010.

Eugenie on Trial, 2010
Assemblage, drawing, photography.
Shown in the MCA Staff Show, 2010, Gaffa Gallery.

Immersion, 2009
Performance documentation.
Shown in Qualia – the subjective qualities of conscious experience, Mils Gallery, 2010

Reviving (Dreams), 2008
Performance documentation – photography.
EXHIBITION STATES, Astute Art Investments International
Parramatta Artist Studios, Feb 2015.

Taken, 2006
Installation, assemblage, mixed media, found objects, painting, text.
Shown in 2006 College of Fine Arts Graduate exhibition

Vomit, 2004
Site specific land art installation

Skull, 2004
mixed media

Ghost, 2003
Performance documentation