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Striking Contrasts touring exhibition 2014-15

On 15, Jan 2014 | In Exhibitions, News, Notes, Touring | By NW

CINAMNESIA screening in Striking Contrasts

Striking Contrasts – Curated by dLux MediaArts in association with Geoffrey Weary, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and toured by Museums & Galleries NSW.


“Contemporary Australian society reflects two distinctive and often contradictory cultural expressions. One is brought about by the profoundly beautiful emptiness that fills the centre of the country. The other emerges out of the multi-cultural, highly technologised and globalised cities dotting the periphery of the vast, silent landscape. Building upon this seeming cultural contradiction, Striking Contrasts presents an exploration into the division between film making and fine art practice in the work of 10 contemporary Australian artists.

The featured film works are characterised by pushing the boundaries of what we might understand to be a ‘documentary’ or ‘narrative’ film, some working with existing or ‘found’ footage to remodel the videos into something completely new. The artworks are divided into two screening groups, displayed on paralell screens to encourage viewers to compare and move between the works.”

Featured artists – Angelica Mesiti, John Gillies, Paul Winkler, Tony Lawrence, John Conomos, Joan Ross, Deborah Kelly, Jess MacNeil, Grant Stevens, and Nicola Walkerden.


An interview with Striking Contrasts Curator Geoffrey Weary for dLux Media Arts interview series. from dLux MediaArts on Vimeo.


Striking Contrasts Web Showreel from dLux MediaArts on Vimeo.


View a showreel for the exhibition, an interview with the curator Geoffrey Weary and read more about the exhibition here.


Striking Contrasts 2014-15 touring schedule:


CINAMNESIA draws links between the twenty-four vertebrae in the human spine and the twenty-four frames per second in 16mm film whilst exploring the effects of film on the nervous system.

View the website for CINAMNESIA here.




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