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X, 2012 X, 2012 X, 2012

On 12, Feb 2013 | In | By NW

X, 2012

UNSW Galleries | 06-11-’15 / 07-11-’15 | Sydney, Australia

UNSW Galleries | 06-11-’15 / 07-11-’15 | Sydney, Australia



1:41 mins (excerpt)
5:20 mins (original)

single channel video

X is a non-definitive journey exploring dissociation. Constructed as a first person experience in a non-linear narrative, it refers to historical sites including an abandoned radioactive hospital, ex-religious/ex-military locations, a burnt down pub, a forest, catacombs, alleys and a talking fountain. X confronts the idea of the unknown through fragmentation, framing & symmetry, circles/cycles and the juxtaposition of inside/outside, light/dark, life/death. Recorded on location throughout Europe and Australia 2011-2012, multiple sites are presented as one in an exploration of processes into and out of the in between. Mark Della-Libera created the sound composition and design for X in collaboration with Walkerden, based on discussions about dissociation.

Writer, Director, Camera, Editor – Nicola Walkerden

Sound – Mark Della-Libera

© Nicola Walkerden 2012.

Currently touring to represent Australia with dLux Media Arts in Over View International Travelling Film Project


OVER VIEW – International Travelling Film Project


UNSW Galleries | 06-11-’15/07-11-’15 | Sydney, Australia

Museu da Imagem e do Som | 29-10-’15 | São Paulo, Brazil

Fort Mason Center for Art & Culture | 23-10-’15/25-10-’15 | San Francisco, USA

Workshop: Mujer – Sociedad | 10-06-’15 | San José, Costa Rica

Museo de Arte y Diseño Contemporáneo | 13-05-’15/11-06-’15 | San José, Costa Rica

Asian Experimental Video Festival | 05-05-’15/10-05-’15 | Hong Kong, China

Art Cinema Zawya | 15-01-’15/16-01-’15 | Cairo, Egypt

SOMArts Cultural Center | 18-09-’14/18-10-’14 | San Francisco, USA

Cultureel terras de Kaaij | 24-08-’14/13-09-’14 | Nijmegen, The Netherlands