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The Gallery, 2012 The Gallery, 2012 The Gallery, 2012 The Gallery, 2012 The Gallery, 2012

On 10, Feb 2013 | In | By NW

The Gallery, 2012

The Gallery


single channel video, 13:33 mins

(excerpt- 5:57 mins)


The Gallery is a story about a gallery attendant and visitor who look at an artwork, finding the experience offers more than what is expected.


Gallery Attendant – Ryan McGoldrick

Visitor- Katie Lees



The Gallery was first shown at the Museum of Contemporary Art Australia‘s 2013 Staff Show – Interplay, at 107 Projects. Find out more here.

Ryan McGoldrick and Katie Lees are part of the Re:Group Performance Collective – visit here.



//Written, Directed, Produced, Edited by Nicola Walkerden

Ryan McGoldrick as Gallery Attendant

Katie Lees as The Visitor


//Directors of Photography

Nicola Walkerden

Matthieu Melon


//Sound Recordists

Ryan Brennan

Charlie Swales

Cameron Floyd


//Make Up

Aimee Satumba


//Production Assistant

Cameron Floyd



Jonathan McBurnie



Golden Orb



Shit Storm
Verge Gallery

Allana McAfee & Fleur Wiber


Special Thanks

Sydney College of the Arts, Canal Road Film Centre, Verge Gallery.