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Selected Projects

Psychologia Psukhē – The Diamond Star, 2014

Psychologia Psukhē – The Diamond Star, 2014

Winner – Director’s Choice
2014 Revel-8 Super8 Film Festival, ‘Fantasy’ theme

Psychologia Psukhē – The Diamond Star


3:33, Super 8 film to Digital

Featuring performances by: Astragulas Rehmenia, Artemis Davana

Bearing cloak and arrow in the looming threat of constant surveillance in a war filled world, on the edge of an invisible star it ends or begins.


Created for the 2014 ‘Fantasy’ Revel-8 Super8 Film Festival, part of Revelation Perth International Film Festival by Archive Out of Order (Tanja Bruckner, Nikki Walkerden).

Congratulations to all Revel-8 filmmakers and Thank You to the Revel-8 Team + Revelation International Film Festival!


Cinematographers: Tanja Bruckner, Nikki Walkerden

Directors: Tanja Bruckner, Nikki Walkerden

Composer: Meg Travers

Make-up: Sasha Nilsson


Revel-8 is presented by Keith Smith, Co-ordinator Film and Video, Edith Cowan University with thanks to Lindsay Vickery and the talented music composition students at the WA Academy of Performing Arts. 

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Screening: 8pm, Sunday 13 July, Luna Leederville – Luna Palace Cinemas, Perth

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