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My Little Tornado, 2012 My Little Tornado, 2012 My Little Tornado, 2012 My Little Tornado, 2012

On 11, Feb 2013 | In | By NW

My Little Tornado, 2012

My Little Tornado



11:22 mins


What if life was death and death was life and where you existed was somewhere in between? Living in a bedroom that used to be an artist’s darkroom in a house that doesn’t exist, strange things happen to Ellie in a fractured story of a relationship’s demise.


Set by Fleur Wiber

Set by Fleur Wiber



//Writer, Director, Producer, Production Designer, Editor, Sound Mixer

Nicola Walkerden

//Director of Photography, Camera Operator, Lighting Designer

Rhys Votano

//Director of Photography, Assistant Director

Ryan Patric O’Donnell

//Assistant Editor, Sound Recordist, Sound Mixer

Christian Ponce Reyes

//Composer, Sound Designer, Sound Mixer

Mark Della-Libera

//Assistant Director

Pauline Appiah

//Lead Actor

Grace Rouvray

//Lead Actor

Ryan Madden

//Gaffer, Camera Assistant

Joshua Aviet

//Camera Assistant, Gaffer, Sound Recordist

Chris McKay

//Sound Recordist

Charles Swales


Ian Dodman

//Make Up Artist, Production Assistant

Aimee Satumba

//Choreographer, Costume Designer, Production Assistant

Katie Lees

//Artist, Set Designer (Cave)

Fleur Wiber

//Stills Photographer, Photographer

Ella Condon

//Stills Photographer

Rhys Votano

//Broken Ghost font

Guillaume Seguin

//Runner, Production Assistant

Cameron Floyd


Fleur & the Apparitions- ‘Fire’, ‘Crowded Streets’



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Pauline Appiah – Motion Graphics Designer/Digital Media Creative, visit here.

Joshua Aviet- AV13T, visit here.

Ella Condon- Artist/Photographer, visit here.

Aimee Satumba- Make-up Artist, visit here.

Fleur Wiber- Artist/Set Designer, visit here.

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