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Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010 Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010 Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010 Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010 Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010 Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010

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Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt, 2010

Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt


performance video, 11:10 mins

Katie Lees & Nikki Walkerden


Set in the ruins of Trial Bay Gaol, Kasia & Rosalie’s Revolt explores themes of physical and psychological entrapment, isolation and escapism. Following the journey of make-believe characters Kasia and Rosalie, reality becomes questionable. Inspired by imaginary games played as children, cousins Katie Lees (actor/performance artist) and Nicola Walkerden perform by re-entering an imaginary space as Kasia & Rosalie. Floral bedsheets are used as the main prop, changing in significance throughout the work. Throughout their journey duality and shared experience are suggested through repetition of movements. Excerpts from sound compositions by Ion Pearce provide a dramatic backdrop, with no dialogue featured in the story these sounds create a tense atmosphere emphasising actions of the characters. This work was first shown in the exhibition – Don’t Tell Nanna… at Horus & Deloris Contemporary Art Space, 2010.

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Text featured in work:

Taught not to speak of what ill-informs our hearts,

Suffocated minds dissolve any sparks,

Rip apart-learned metaphors that bind,

Prepare yourself for a revelation unkind.

Your life; (your love) has been existing ever-long,

Does it surprise you now to see beyond?

Gasps for air inhale enlightenment,

For it was not you existing,

It was you in existence…




//Director, Writer, Producer

Nicola Walkerden



Katie Lees



Nicola Walkerden



Ali Zoghi



(excerpts of)
Body, Space & Void
Five Easy Pieces

by Ion Pearce



Emily Walkerden

Annika Lees


Thanks to Trial Bay Gaol.