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On 30, Mar 2013 | In | By NW




black and white 16mm film to digital, 4:3

5:09 mins


CINAMNESIA draws links between the twenty-four vertebrae in the human spine and the twenty-four frames per second in 16mm film whilst exploring the effects of film on the nervous system.

A combination of performance and documentary on black and white 16mm film misplace experiences of time and movement. There is an examination of the spine and the materiality of film from both scientific and surrealist perspectives. It examines the process of watching film and the nature of recording, questioning how present an experience it is.

Cinematic illusion is questioned through the portrayal of anaesthesia as an induced experiential state similar to that of choosing to sit in a cinema. Illusion is also referenced by the cave as a primal root of cinema, hand-drawn as if to be a reminder of how histories are recorded through movement, distorted by perceptions. Structurally the film is considered as a backbone holding images being re-recorded by the audience every time it’s played.
Exhibition & Festival screenings:


Exquisite Mutations, Annandale Galleries – Curated by Mitchell Cross.
Exhibition dates: 1 July – 1 August ’15

2014 – 2015

Striking Contrasts – Curated by dLux MediaArts in association with Geoffrey Weary, Sydney College of the Arts, University of Sydney and toured by Museums & Galleries NSW.



Byron Bay International Film Festival, Experimental Showcase

Another Experiment by Women Film Festival # 6 – ‘BODY HOT’ – Anthology Film Archives, NYC, May 14

Haverhill Experimental Film Festival # 2, Massachusetts, May 30th – June 1st

The Land Down Underground, Spectacle Theater, Brooklyn, June 17 & 26

Proto-Cinema: Redefined, Seen and Heard Film Festival, Australian Centre for the Moving Image, Melbourne, Nov 13-16



State of Flux, Delmar Gallery

Official selection, Revelation Perth International Film Festival, Experimental Showcase

Official selection, Sydney Underground Film Festival, Free Radicals program

Official selection, Brisbane Underground Film Festival

Official selection, Del Corazon Film Festival, Juarez (Mexico) & El Paso (Texas)


Visit the CINAMNESIA site here.



Rev_Laurel_2013_REVERSE_sml-lightSUFF_wreath_2013-lightHaverhill Experimental Film Festival2014-smlSeen & Heard Film Festival, 2014




Writer, Director, Director of Photography, Editor, Props
Nicola Walkerden

Tanja Bruckner
Nicola Walkerden

Tanja Bruckner
Nicola Walkerden

Production Assistant & Cave Drawing
Jonathan McBurnie

Special Thanks
Sydney College of the Arts