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3:28 mins

Super 8 film
A phobic exploration of the identities of the female technoself, the fear of missing out amounting to checking, following and accumulating through online technology.

A film by Archive Out of Order in response to the 2013 Revel-8 theme: phobia.


Winner of the Revel-8 Award for Best Super 8 Cinematography, Revelation Perth International Film Festival 2013
2013 Revel-8 Theme – Phobia


808 (TECHNOSELF) was created for the Revel-8 Super8 Competition as part of the 2013 Revelation Perth International Film Festival. It premiered on the closing night of Revelation, Sunday 14 July 8:00pm, 2013.

More information on Revel-8 can be found here. Visit the site for composer Billie Court here.

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Archive Out of Order
Tanja Bruckner, Nicola Walkerden
Tanja Bruckner, Nicola Walkerden
Billie Court

Special Thanks

Tony Lawrence, Jonathan Blake, Sydney College of the Arts, Revel-8 Super 8 Film Festival Team (Keith Smith, Zarah Barrow, Marisa Reynaga), Nanolab, Revelation Perth International Film Festival


© 2013 Archive Out of Order (Nicola Walkerden & Tanja Bruckner). All Rights Reserved.