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Out & Out – Art Month at Dedspace

On 01, Mar 2013 | In Art, Exhibitions, News, Notes | By NW

The work – X, completed in 2012, is being shown in the group exhibition Out & Out as part of Art Month at Dedspace gallery, Sydney College of the Arts. Curated by Michael Orehek and also including works by Suzannah Babicci and Samuel Galileo Quinteros, the exhibition opens on Wednesday 6 March 5-9pm. For more information please see below-


“SCA is contributing to Art Month throughout March 2013. SCASS is hosting an exhibition at Dedspace Gallery. The exhibition is to be curated by SCASS Executives, Bryden Williams, Meghan Rheynolds and Michael Orehek.

The first show features the work of Nicola Walkerden, Suzannah Babicci and Samuel Quinteros. Curated by Michael Orehek, it will be held at Dedspace gallery on Wed 6th March, and will include the following works:

Nicola Walkerden. ‘X’ – single channel video, 2012.
Currently MFA candidate – Film and Digital Art, SCA.

X is a non-definitive journey exploring dissociation. Constructed as a first person experience in a non-linear narrative, it refers to historical sites including an abandoned radioactive hospital, ex-religious/ex-military locations, a burnt down pub, a forest, catacombs, alleys and a talking fountain. X confronts the idea of the unknown through fragmentation, framing & symmetry, circles/cycles and the juxtaposition of inside/outside, light/dark, life/death.
Recorded by Walkerden on location throughout Europe and Australia 2011-2012, many sites are presented as one in an exploration of processes into and out of the in between.

Suzannah Babicci. ‘Water Around’ – Public Art Performance – Video, 2012.
Currently BVA (hons) candidate – Sculpture and Performance, SCA.

Water Around was undertaken in Vienna, 2012, during an exchange semester, and is a documentation of the performance carried out in three different locations in the city.

A water collection from public water sources were released into the Vienna Canal which flows directly into the Danube River, approximately 100 meters downstream from the bridge in the final performance. This work called attention to the different attitudes of the Viennese people to water and the simple water bottle, compared to the Australian public. In complete contrast to the preciousness of fresh water in Australia, the element reaches to excess in Bavarian areas and where the issue is too much rather than too little. In a city where the water bottle is not an imperative object, this work challenged the audience through the object’s transformation into a critical element of the performance.

Suzannah Babicci. ‘Elevated Vessel’ – Video, 2012.

Elevated Vessel is a performance for film.

The mechanical sculpture featured in this work is attributed to the natural movement of water in the ocean, from the initial surge of a wave to the moment of ultimate height, the energy expired and duly dispersed. This sequence is passed to the performer throughout the duration of the work, as a personal and ethereal transformation occurs, further characterised by the delicate and serene location.

Samuel Galileo Quinteros. ‘Prelude to Mercurius’. Oil on canvas, 2013.
Currently BVA (hons) candidate – Painting, SCA.

Find out more on the Art Month website here.

Feature image: X (production still), 2012. Nicola Walkerden.”