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Interregnum exhibition, Modern Art Projects

On 01, Feb 2014 | In Exhibitions, News, Notes | By NW

New work featuring in the group exhibition – Interregnum

Curated by Lizzy Marshall

1 – 5 pm, 2 February, 2014 Kia Sulc Open House Modern Art Projects Launch

Artists: Leahlani Johnson, Naomi Oliver, The Motel Sisters, Honi Ryan and Nikki Walkerden


“Interregnum is inspired by the rapidly changing cultural landscape of the Blue Mountains which is shaped by our artistic community. This exhibition brings together four early career artists, currently residing in the mountains whose practice crosses mediums and disciplines reflective of the flux of contemporary art now. In this post medium context, these artists utilise time as a theme as well as a medium in their individual practices. Their presence demands recognition of the interregnum in which the Blue Mountains arts scene currently resides.”

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Featured image: Undefined Definition I, 2013, 16mm film / HD transfer, 5:12 minutes, Nikki Walkerden. Image by Camille Walsh Photography.


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