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film cell death @ ‘All the Other Energies’ curated by Haines & Hinterding – MCA Australia

On 22, Aug 2015 | In Exhibitions, Notes | By NW


Spirare Kinein (film cell death)
16mm film to digital single channel loop

Screening at ‘All the Other Energiescurated by Haines & Hinterding – MCA Australia

Friday 28 August 2015, opening 7pm

Spirare Kinein - Inner Cinema © Nikki Walkerden 2012-15

Spirare Kinein (inner cinema) production still © Nikki Walkerden 2012-15. All rights reserved.

“The psychic movement of attention, the corporeality of experience. Film going in and out of consciousness, an inner cinema.

Performance actions lost in the metascape of a cinema territory, image cemetery.

The Spirare Kinein series of research based works proposes that the sea cave is an method suiting current expansions and associations of cinema. Shared with the simultaneous embodied performance of the audience where the materiality of the psychic movement of attention as corporeality of experience, is a process of an inner cinema that is present in performance, film and constructed situations.”

-NW 2012-15

film-cell-death 2013-15 ©Nikki Walkerden

film cell death (spirare kinein) 2012-15 ©Nikki Walkerden




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