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Don’t tell Nanna… Horus & Deloris, 2010

On 02, Aug 2010 | In Art, Exhibitions, News, Notes | By NW

Don’t Tell Nanna…

MCA Group Show

 Ella Condon, Bridie Connell, Sarah Contos, Micaela Giffney,
Leahlani Johnson, Bernadette Jones, Nicola Walkerden

Horus & Deloris contemporary art space, 2010

Curator: Nicola Walkerden

We’ve let the place run wild. We’ve cut up the mattresses, burnt out the light globes and remixed the old records but shhh – Don’t tell Nanna!

Discover a space that puts a sassy, contemporary spin on the old saying ‘Home Sweet Home’. A space for nostalgia, introspection and rebellion. Where objects past their use-by-date are re-imagined, unleashing hallucinatory alter-egos. Where erotic literature and traditional crafts are intertwined. A space in which generational attitudes and stereotypes relating to gender, femininity and domesticity are challenged.

Artworks act as evidence of controversial and confronting acts, questioning established prospectives. Extending beyond the realm of a physical relative, information considered subversive could also be concealed from institutions and individuals representative of ‘Nanna’. Who is protecting who when it comes to secrecy? Have you ever done something you wouldn’t tell Nanna about?


[vimeo w=640&h=360]

Images by Lucy Parakhina, Ella Condon.

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Don't tell Nanna invite (back) 2010, Horus & Deloris

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