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CINAMNESIA at Del Corazon Film Festival

On 23, Aug 2013 | In Festivals, Film, News, Notes | By NW

Del Corazon Film Festival 2013

CINAMNESIA is playing at the Del Corazon Film Festival next week held in Juarez, Mexico (29 August) and El Paso Texas (30 August).

Read more about CINAMNESIA here.

Visit the Del Corazon Film Festival site and view the program here.

Del Corazon Film Festival mission statement:

“Del Corazón Film Festival is an International, short-film festival aimed at providing a platform for young and/or up-and-coming filmmakers of all ages.  The short -film festival showcases categories of Short Narrative, Short Documentary, Short Animation, and Music Video.  As host, Movimiento Hunab Ku established the film festival to be driven by the community.  The filmmakers are from the community, the festival is sponsored by local business/donors from the community and the festival is free and open to the community.  Del Corazón, meaning “From the Heart,” entitles the philosophy of festival to promote films made solely from the heart.  By this Del Corazón Film Festival’s mission is to be the podium for films with little to no financial support but yet have persevered through preproduction, production and post production with the only humble budget of blood, sweat and tears.”

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