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Proto-Cinema: Redefined, 2014 Seen and Heard Festival, ACMI

On 17, Oct 2014 | In Exhibitions | By NW

2014 Seen & Heard Film Festival
Australian Centre for the Moving Image

Nov 13 – 16
Federation Square,
Melbourne, Australia
“This year, Seen & Heard Film Festival comes to ACMI to give female filmmakers a world-class stage to showcase their work – the festival will be bigger than ever before. Over the four day festival, running from November 13 – 16, there will be 47 films playing, 19 of which are Australian premieres, and many of those direct from Berlinale, Tribeca, Sundance, Busan, and the London Film Festival.” – ACMI (read more)


2014 Seen & Heard program

Seen & Heard was launched in Sydney in 2009 as a non-profit film festival by Lucy Randall with the view to promote women’s filmmaking and bring to light industry prejudices that may not be so clear to the consumer.
For the first time this year, Melbourne audiences are invited to join us in taking that small, but necessary, step towards female filmmakers being both Seen & Heard. We promote the message that films made by women are not just for women: they are wonderfully rich films that should be seen by everyone. Trust us, you’re in for an exciting program of films that are as diverse as they are visually stunning.” – Seen & Heard (read more)
‘Female filmmakers: No need for the fuss’
by Seen & Heard Melbourne Director Mia Falstein-Rush, The Big Smoke
‘Seen & Heard: women making waves in Australian cinema’
“If you want to see an intelligent, artful, internationally acclaimed Australian film that challenges rather than reinforces cultural stereotypes, you best not blink or you’ll miss it.”
- Courtney Collins, ABC Arts (read more)


CINAMNESIA is screening in the installation Proto-Cinema: Redefined at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image for the 2014 Seen & Heard Film Festival in Melbourne Nov 13-16 open all festival weekend in the Optic Bar.


black and white 16mm film to digital

5:09 mins


CINAMNESIA draws links between the twenty-four vertebrae in the human spine and the twenty-four frames per second in 16mm film whilst exploring the effects of film on the nervous system.


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CLIMACTIC ACTUALITY selected for the 1st Vertical Film Festival

On 06, Oct 2014 | In Festivals, Notes | By NW

The World’s 1st Competition for 9:16 (tall-screen) Film & Video – The 1st Vertical Film Festival

A new work ‘CLIMACTIC ACTUALITY‘ (by Shaun Hay and myself, created especially for the festival) has been selected!

**Update** CLIMACTIC ACTUALITY is Winner of the Best Climbing Film! Thanks Vertical Film Festival team and panel!

An umbrella event of the Australian Climbing Festival, the 1st Vertical Film Festival will show an out of competition section called TALL SHORTS featuring a curated collection of extraordinary vertical cinema from around the world, plus a 9:16 vertical video competition – ⇧ THIS WAY UP ⇧.

Please join us on Friday 17 October, from 9pm at St Hilda’s Church, Katoomba village in the Blue Mountains.

1st Vertical Film Festival Poster



2:31, video

Following a shadow of expectancy, making a mountain out of a mountain, shifting balance is found in suspension.

Performance, Camera, Editor – Nikki Walkerden
Sound by Shaun Hay

Read more – 1st Vertical Film Festival

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